Senior Gents Convenors and Champions 

Year Convenor Senior Champion
1990 J. Winters W. Keir
1991 J. Winters W. Keir
1992 J. Winters R. Reid
1993 J. Winters W. Swanston
1994 A. Munro W. Graham
1995 A. Munro J. Dow
1996 F. Mather J. Galbraith
1997 J. Hamilton J. O’Neill
1998 J. Hamilton  –
1999 J. Hamilton J. Hamilton
2000 J. Hamilton J. Hamilton
Year Convener Senior Champion
2001 G. Montgomery J. Hamilton
2002 G. Montgomery J. Galbraith
2003 G. Montgomery J. Morris
2004 J. O’Neill J. Hamilton
2005 J. O’Neill W. Keir
2006 J. O’Neill B. MacGillard
2007 J. O’Neill J. Morris
2008 J. O’Neill W. Keir
2009 J. O’Neill J. Ford
2010 J. O’Neill W. Waddell
2011 W. Ballantyne J. Ford
2012 W. Ballantyne A. McGuinn
2013 W. Ballantyne W. Daly
2014 W. Ballantyne A. Ferguson
2015 J. Ford A. McGuinn
2016 J. Ford J. Morris
2017 J. Ford
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