Section Contacts  2018

Jane Black (Treasurer)
Ellis Knox
Jim Howie
Colin McGowan
Pete Gray
Sheena Campbell
Caroline Martin
Karen Rhind
Margaret Howie
Katherine Burt

Brian Merkel – Treasurer
David French
Robert Steen
Alex Fleming
Walter Wardlaw
Stewart Fleming
Colin Simpson


Locky Maxwell – Secretary
John McNee – Treasurer
Brian Leighton – Match Convenor
Iain Gould
Iain Charlton
Ron Marshall
Jacky Gray
David Fleming
Eric Creaney

Emma Ewart – Treasurer
Margaret Ballantyne
Elizabeth Charlton
Janet Faskin
Lilian Johnston
Vi Maxwell
Evelyn Rhind
Wilma Watson

Child Protection Officer (CPO)   –  S. Campbell

Tennis Coach                                   –  I. Cannon

Bowling Coaches                            –  A. Ford,  J. Ford, R. Marshall

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