Club Competition Winners 2017



Gents Bowling

Gents Competition Winners 2017

CompetitionWinner(s)Runner(s) Up
ChampionshipS. FlemingG. Shanks
President's CupS. McLarenW. Daly
Vice President's CupI. CharltonM. Lauchlan
Handicap CupS. McLarenD. Mungall Snr
4 Bowl SetsS. FlemingD. Warnock
Balloted (Club) PairsB. Merckel & D. BellE. Thomson & J. Keatings
Nomination PairsS. McLaren & G. ThompsonG. Shanks & W. Daly
Mixed PairsJ. Ford & L. JohnstonE. Thomson & A. Leighton
Nomination Mixed PairsD. Fleming & J. FaskinR. Marshall & E. Marshall
Nomination TriplesA. Fleming, G. Shanks & S. FlemingH. McGonnell, K. Miller & J. Baillie
Shaw CupW. Waddell, J. Baillie & J. McLarenS. Cormack, S. Ralston & B. Magowan
Senior Gents Bowling

Senior Gents Competition Winners 2017

CompetitionWinner(s)Runner(s) Up
Senior ChampionshipI. CharltonB. Magowan
Senior Balloted PairsJ. Ford & W. DalyA. Slater & D. Bell
Matt Powell TriplesR. Barr, I. Gould & D. BellR. McIntosh, J. Coyne & R. Marshall
Josh Winters TriplesJ. Drummond, M. Smyth & E. ThomsonR. McIntosh, L. Maxwell & I. Charlton
Mel Aitchison TriplesE. Creaney, W. Daly & I. CharltonJ. Manderson, J. McNee & W. Ballantyne
Robert Gordon TriplesR. Barr, J. Coyne & D. FlemingJ. Sangster, R. McMorrow & J. Gray
Ladies Bowling

Ladies Competition Winners 2017

CompetitionWinner(s)Runner(s) Up
Ladies ChampionshipJ. FaskinE. Ewart
Presidents's CupJ. FaskinV. Maxwell
Senior SalverJ. FaskinM. Waddell
Vice President's CupE. MilliganM. Muircroft
Nomination PairsE. Ewart & A. TunnE. Marshall & A. Leighton
Nomination 2 Bowl PairsE. Ewart & A. TunnE. Marshall & A. Leighton
Balloted (Club) PairsW. Woolley & W. WatsonE. Ewart & V. Maxwell
Nomination TriplesP. Bryson, M. Ballantyne & M. WaddellM. Morris, V. Maxwell & J. Faskin
Balloted Triples (Millennium Trophy)-
Jack Trophy (Tuesday Aggregate)
Graham-Menzies Trophy (Thursday Aggregate)

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