Club Competition Winners 2016

Gents Bowling

Gents Bowling Competition Winners 2016
Competition Winner(s) Runner(s) Up
Championship S. McLaren D. French
President’s Cup  S. McLaren B. Merckel 
 Vice President’s Cup D. Warnock  D. Bell 
 Handicap Cup S. Fleming    W. Wardlaw
4 Bowl Sets S. McLaren   S. Ralston
Balloted Pairs J. McLean & D. French K. Miller & S. McNicol 
 Nomination Pairs A. Fleming & S. Fleming   C. Simpson & D. Bennett 
 Three bowl Pairs B. Magowan & D. French W. Daly & J. McLaren 
 Mixed Pairs E. Marshall & E. Creaney C. Thomson & L. Maxwell 
 Married Couples M. Stirrat & M. Stirrat  M. Ballantyne & W. Ballantyne 
Nomination Triples  G. Thomson, W. Wardlaw & S. McLaren  R. Steen, M. Lauchlan & B. Merckel 
 Shaw Cup R. Steen, G. Shanks & S. Thompson  D. Warnock, W. Paul & J. McLaren 
 Shaw Cup Individual  D. French

Senior Gents Bowling

Senior Gents Bowling Winners 2016
Competition Winner(s) Runner(s) Up
 Senior Championship J. Morris  S. Thompson 
 Senior Balloted Pairs  W. Daly & A. Slater  D. Bell & M. Stirrat 
 Matt Powell Triples  I. Charlton, J. Breslin & J. Drummond  J. Gray, J. McNee & W. Paton
 Josh Winters Triples  A. Donnelly, R. McMorrow & A. Ewart W. Paton, E. Thomson & W. Ballantyne 
 Mel Aitchison Triples J. Collins, B. Leighton & D. Bell  A. Donnelly, J. McNee & W. Ballantyne 
Robert Gordon Triples  A. Donnelly, A. Ewart & J. Gray  J. Breslin, J. McNee & W. Ballantyne 

Ladies Bowling

Ladies Bowling Winners 2016
Ladies Championship A. Ford J. Faskin
President’s Cup E. Marshall A. Ford
Senior  Salver J. Faskin A. Ford
Vice President’s Cup R. Anderson B. Jarvie
Nomination Pairs M. Morris & J. Faskin C. Thomson & A. Ford
Nomination 2 Bowl Pairs R. Anderson & M. Stirrat C. Thomson & A. Ford
Balloted (Club) Pairs B. Jarvie & A. Tunn T. Fairweather & A. Leighton
Nomination Triples E. Milligan, E. Ewart & A. Tunn J. Miller, E. Rhind & W. Watson
Balloted Triples (Millenium Trophy) M. Manderson, B. Jarvie & A. Tunn M. Gribbons, M. Ballantyne & A. Ford
Jack Trophy ( Tuesday Aggregate) M. Ballantyne B. Jarvie   
Graham-Menzies Trophy ( Thursday Aggregate) M. Manderson A. Tunn   


Tennis  Competition Winners 2016
Mens Singles  David Boyd  Arran Thomson 
Ladies Singles  Christie McAllister Shona Burt 
Mens Doubles David Boyd & David Hopkins   Jim Reid & Steve McAllister 
Ladies Doubles  Carol Hill & Jane Sturrock  Shona Burt & Christie McAllister 
Mixed Doubles Paul Hopkins & Carol Hill  David Hopkins & Kathryn Burt 
Girls 16 & Under Singles  Christie McAllister  Shona Burt 
Boys 16 & Under Doubles  Paul Hopkins & Ryan Crombie   Joe Russell & Cameron McCarney 
Boys 14 & Under Singles Joe Russell   Luke Wilson 
Boys 12 & Under Singles   Luke Wilson   Mark McDermott 

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